Alyson May provides informative and inspiring arts education services and timeless, quality original artwork.

We truly believe everyone everywhere benefits from having art in their lives. Not just observing the creative world but by embracing it and participating in it.

…Because Creating Matters!

Alyson May

Meet our principle artist

“Award winning artist, art judge and dedicated teacher for over 20 years…I didn’t start out that way.

Yes, art has always been part of my life. But isn’t that true for you too…? We instinctively create as children; we live in a visual world; we make creative decisions every day.

For too long the scary-seriousness of art stopped me from experiencing the fun and joy of painting I remembered as a child. All of the fancy art terminologies would confuse me and make me feel inferior. I was wrong to let it stop me.

Art and creation aren’t about any of that serious art stuff. It is about you!”

Alyson May

Who we help!

Private or corporate…original artwork adds style and personality to your space.  We cater to your needs and budget.

Prefer to create your own unique artwork…?  With our guidance and support even the most novice artist will develop artistic skills and knowledge to become a more confident and creative individual.  We specialise in the “I can’t even draw a stick figure” artist. 😊 

Our students are empowered by the wonders of what they can create.  This empowerment filters into their daily lives. This is the true benefit of learning to create with us.

Personal Development and Life Empowerment!

Imagine how it is going to feel when you are creating with confidence and bravely exploring your artistic abilities like I did.

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