Portraits of Colour!

Discover your inner colour portrait artist.

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Portraits of Colour

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Don’t deny your inner artist anymore. Embrace them and set them free in this Portraits of Colour workshop.

Are all those fleshy colours confusing you and stopping you from creating the portraits you want to?

Experience Creative Fun!

Alyson Mae Pallete with Sepia stills image

You don’t need previous art experience. This workshop is painting fun for everyone! ’ll be sharing all the fabulous hints and tricks from my face-2-face classes in this Online Portraits of Colour workshop.


What you’ll experience together:

How to work paint (oil or acrylic, your choice)

Colour theory that will blow your mind

Easy tone mixing method

Identifying and understanding shapes and tones

Step-by-step guidance, hints and tricks

How to ‘Paint a Portrait’ techniques

Warm-up exercises to prep you for painting a portrait

Amazing clarity of portrait fundamentals (colour, tone, form)

No big expensive art kit needed

You will be amazed by your results!

This Portraits of Colour workshop will remove the scary-seriousness of flesh colours and have you painting portraits with confidence. You will develop portrait painting skills you didn’t realise you had.

Paint Ya Pal in Lockdown

Meet your artist mentor – Alyson May

My inner critic used to hinder my creative progress. Until one day I said enough. I adapted (something we have all had to do lately)!

No longer would I allow the scary-seriousness of art stop me experiencing the fun and joy of painting I remember from my childhood.

Since that life changing day, 25 years ago, I offer inspiration, guidance and support to everyone who wants to bring art into their lives.

With my relaxed and easy to follow tuition you will walk away feeling like you should be wearing an oversized art smock and a french beret.

Why learn from me?

I am driven by my passion and dedication to developing artistic skills and knowledge in all of my students to produce confident and creative individuals. My students are empowered by the wonders of what they can create. This empowerment filters into their daily lives. This is the true benefit of learning to create with me.

Imagine how it is going to feel when you are painting with confidence and bravely exploring your creative abilities.

Here’s the facts:

 I’ve created hundreds of confident artists who started out as total newbies

I have originated and refined my Portrait Painting Method for 15 years which is why you get excellent results.

My students come first. I live and breathe teaching to make your experience the best it can be. I understand how much courage it takes to paint.

Alyson Mae Artist

Online Workshop
Portraits of Colour

with Alyson May

AUD $97

Great value for your online experience. You will learn so much from the close up demonstration videos where you can really see paint handling and mixing techniques, and how to paint a portrait from scratch with amazing results.



Amazing teacher. Alyson’s workshops are lots of fun and value packed.
Well worth the money.

Yvonne. Yarra Valley, Vic

Absolutely fabulous Portraits of Colour Workshop. It finally clicked about how to mix colours by knowing the three colours that make up a primary colour

Diana – Phillip Island


We have been so lucky to get such a talented artist to learn from. Anyone can be a great artist with a great mentor.

Sara – Cire Community Hubs Coordinator


Loved the presentation and the PowerPoint display. The visual aids made portraiture and colour mixing easier to understand”.

Megan – Yarra Valle

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Even if you are completely new to portraiture, this Portraits of Colour workshop will remove the mystery and confusion surrounding colour and get you seeing and painting portraits the way you really want to. You will develop an understanding of colour and the skills to apply them.

The easy-to-follow hints and tricks in this Portraits of Colour workshop makes it so simple you’ll wonder what all the scary fuss was about.

Take your portraits, and art, to the next level.

When and where?

Materials Image for Sepia Portrait

When you want in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s get ready and make sure you have everything you need.

Computer, phone or iPad and internet.

Charger for device (don’t laugh…if I didn’t list it you would’ve forgotten it)

Coloured Paints (oil or acrylic paint, your choice); more details in your Welcome Pack once you have registered.

Medium for your paint (medium No.1 for oils or water for acrylic paints)

Palette and palette knife

5 x brushes (small, medium and large)

2 10in x 14in canvas

Gloves to protect your skin from paint

Rag (old sock or tea towel)

More details in your Welcome Pack once you have registered.


What if I change my mind?

Sorry, refunds aren’t available because you will have immediate access to all learning material.

What if I don’t have an image to work from?

You won’t need one. A reference image will be supplied for you to work from. 

Do I need any prior experience?

None whatsoever!  I will show you the how.  Most students have never painted portraits before.  You will leave this workshop with confidence and feeling like you have been painting for years.

Do I need any fancy equipment?

No! There are alternatives to most art materials, e.g. a white ceramic plate works well as an artist’s palette; and, a bench with a pile of books to rest your canvas against makes a good easel.

Do I need to dress up?

No need to dress up! Do the class in your pajamas if you like!

Alyson Mae Portraits of Colour Workshop

Online Workshop
Portraits of Colour

with Alyson May



Step-by-step guided tuition

Easy to follow examples of each portrait stage

A completed colour masterpiece

Downloadable checklist of all the hints and tricks

Troubleshooting hints

Private Blueprint of Portraits Facebook group to share your portrait

Monthly Q&A in the Blueprint of Portraits Facebook group where you can ask for specific feedback from me

So go on…take the ‘not-so-scary’ step, and unleash your inner portrait artist.

The only thing you need to worry about is how to say thank you to the many compliments you will get about your portraiture from family and friends…and where to hang all those magnificent paintings

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