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Learning how to draw or paint can be a bit scary.  

But with the right guidance and support you will discover your inner artist with ease.

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You’re almost ready for this one-of-a-kind art workshop where you’ll:

Learn how to draw a classic portrait

Discover the difference between what you see and what the brain sees

Realise your artistic potential

Experience the health benefits of a creative outlet

When, Where and How?

From the comfort of your home

Saturday, 9th October 2021

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM AEDT

I have spent over 20 years sharing my knowledge and love of art with beginners just like you.

Join me on ZOOM for this 1.5 hour FREE Workshop.


Paint Ya Pal in Lockdown

Meet your tutor – Alyson May

My inner critic used to hinder my creative progress. Until one day I said enough. I adapted (something we have all had to do lately)!

No longer would I allow the scary-seriousness of art stop me experiencing the fun and joy of painting I remember from my childhood.

Since that life changing day, 25 years ago, I offer inspiration, guidance and support to everyone who wants to bring art into their lives and experience the health benefits of a creative outlet.

With my relaxed and easy to follow tuition you will walk away feeling like you should be wearing an oversized art smock and a french beret.

Get ready and get excited!

You will be drawing a classic portrait, not just watching the process.



A plain piece of A4 paper (from the printer is fine) taped to a board (or back of a book)

A 2B and/or 4B graphite pencil

An eraser

A digital device with a camera to attend the zoom workshop (I want to see your lovely face)

I look forward to creating with you!
Alyson x

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