Techniques of a Portrait Artist

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We will show you the techniques needed for creating amazing portraits

The Secret to doing it Successfully is Knowing How!


Your House (ONLINE)


Wednesday 28th October
7pm - 8:30pm AEDT (Melb)




Why Every Newbie Portrait Artist Must Attend This FREE Event

Tirelessly working on a portrait only to have it look wrong or messy leaves you feeling discouraged.  You keep practicing hoping you’ll get better.


But here’s the thing…Practice only works if you are practicing the RIGHT techniques and methods.



Are you experiencing these portrait results…?


〉 Your colours lack vibrancy and are muddy


〉 Tones which aren’t quite right


〉 Lacking a likeness of your portrait model



If you said, “Yes”, you are not alone.



Portraiture is considered the holy grail of artistic subjects.  It is a demonstration of observation and skill, not a gifted talent.


I want to show you how you can develop the necessary skills to be a great portrait artist.


You can create with confidence and skill.


That sounds like something you would like to be able to do...right!


Hi, I’m Alyson May.


For the past 20 years, I have inspired, guided and mentored people like you in their creative journey.


My relaxed and easy to follow tuition eases even the most nervous student into the joy of creating.


As a professional practicing artist, I understand the courage it takes to create.


More so, I understand the frame of mind you need for successful creativity and individual growth.



〉 I’ve created confident artist who started out as total newbies


〉 I have originated and refined my teaching methods over 20 years


〉 My portraits hang in national and international collections


〉 I provide the techniques so your practice gives results



Do you  want to learn the RIGHT techniques to practice?


Reserve your ticket today!




Here's a Taste of What You'll Learn


♥  How to actually see what you’re looking at


♥  How to analyse what you see


♥  The secrets to tones


♥  A simple step-by-step portrait approach


♥  Measuring techniques to nail those proportions


♥  A simple solution to clean, vibrant colours





Your House (ONLINE)


Wednesday 28th October
7pm - 8:30pm AEDT (Melb)




Who the Techniques of a Portrait Artist Webinar is for...


♥  The newbie artist who wants a jump start on learning the right portrait techniques


♥  The beginner portrait artist who is sick of distorted features and muddy colours


♥  People who have always wanted to know the tricks to painting portraits


♥  The person who has been waiting to make time for their creative outlet


♥  The creative person who always thought portraiture was unachievable



Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t create great portraiture.  It is a demonstration of observation and skill, not gifted talent.


Let me say that again…”it isn’t a gifted talent”.


Anyone can learn to be a great portrait artist.  It’s about the knowledge you are given and what you choose to do with that knowledge.


Spend 90 minutes with Alyson and discover the portrait techniques you need to create frame-worthy paintings.


This is a FREE event so register NOW!


For your art to improve you need the right techniques to practice. Remember, practicing the wrong painting methods won't produce portraits you'll be proud of.

In this FREE event you'll discover easy step-by-step portrait methods and techniques to improve tones, mix vibrant colours, and nail those proportions.



“Alyson creates a wonderful supportive space for me to be creative in her online art classes.  Her teaching style is very positive.  It is a style which encourages me to take risks so I can gain more confidence in my creative abilities”.



“Absolutely fabulous portrait workshop.  It finally clicked how to mix colours by knowing the three colours that make up a primary colour”.



“Loved the presentation and the PowerPoint display.  The visual aids made portraiture and colour mixing easier to understand”.



“Fantastic workshop.  there was lots of information that we then did as practical exercises.  Great value for money”.



“We have been so lucky to get such a talented artist to learn from.  Anyone can be a great artist with a great mentor”. 



” Thank you for guiding me with yor knowledge, inspiration and resources”.





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