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Have you been denying yourself the joy of creating because you don’t think you have the talent, or the time, or space? If this is you then don’t worry…I have the cure.

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Don’t deny your inner Artsy One anymore. Embrace them and set them free in these inspirational Silver Membership Online Classes.

Now is the time for you to unleash your creative creature and develop those artistic skills you don’t even realise you have.

Experience the Creative Fun!

Alyson May color pallete and brushes

You don’t need previous art experience. This membership of creative fun is for everyone!

I’ll be sharing all the tried & tested fabulous hints and tricks from my face-2-face classes in these weekly Live online classes. Yes…LIVE!

This is not a pre-recorded course. Each week you will meet, online, with your classmates and me for an actual art class.

What you’ll experience:

How easy it is to bring art into your life

How to work with different art materials

Step-by-step guidance 

Many subjects easily explored

A classroom community of Artsy friends

The ease of finding your hidden talents

No big expensive art kit needed

You will be amazed by your results!

Want to start embracing that artsy you, or think it’s about time you get back on the easel wagon…? Then welcome to the Silver program. Strap in for the fun, and sometimes challenging, weekly artsy tasks.

Paint Ya Pal in Lockdown

Meet your artist mentor – Alyson May

My inner critic used to hinder my creative progress. Until one day I said enough. I adapted (something we have all had to do lately)!

No longer would I allow the scary-seriousness of art stop me experiencing the fun and joy of painting I remember from my childhood.

Since that life changing day, 25 years ago, I offer inspiration, guidance and support to everyone who wants to bring art into their lives.

With my relaxed and easy to follow tuition you will walk away feeling like you should be wearing an oversized art smock and a french beret.

Why learn from me?

I am driven by my passion and dedication to developing artistic skills and knowledge in all of my students to produce confident and creative individuals. My students are empowered by the wonders of what they can create. This empowerment filters into their daily lives. This is the true benefit of learning to create with me.

Imagine how it is going to feel when you are painting with confidence and bravely exploring your creative abilities.

Here’s the facts:

 I’ve created hundreds of confident artists who started out as total newbies

I have refined my teaching methodology for 20 years so you get excellent results.

My students come first. I live and breathe teaching to make your experience the best it can be. I understand how much courage it takes to create.

Alyson Mae Artist

Silver Membership
Online Weekly Classes

with Alyson May

AU$57 per month
(valued at $90)

The huge advantage of this online program is that you discover how easy and achievable it is to make the time and space for art.

With mini projects delivered live each week you will be astounded by your rapid skill development. You will discover the joy and ease of drawing, painting, landscapes, portraiture…and so much more.


Linda Fullagar
Tamara Allen
Kristen Kearns
Linda Fullagar
Carly Dennis

When and how?

Select one of two weekly zoom sessions:

Thursday’s 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM AEDT and,
Thursday’s 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM AEDT

Life happens…and that’s okay.

Each week you can choose which session you want to join.  And, if you can’t attend either, you’ll have access to the replay.

Giving you the flexibility to make art part of your life!

Note: A materials list for each program will be provided. Expenses are kept to a minimum while you build your Art Arsenal for your creative journey.

Let’s get ready and make sure you have everything you need.

Computer, phone or iPad with audio and webcam

Charger for device (don’t laugh…if I didn’t list it you would’ve forgotten it)

A variety of art materials (list provided for each program)

Medium for your paint (medium No.1 for oils OR water or flow medium for acrylic paints)

Palette and palette knife

Variety of brushes (small, medium and large)

Variety of canvas and paper

Gloves to protect your skin (cotton works great)

Rag (old sock or tea towel)

Cup of tea and a biscuit to enjoy during class


Zoom Class with Stick Figures

What if I change my mind?

You can cancel your membership at any time (but you won’t want to).

Do I need any prior experience?

None whatsoever! I will show you the how. The mini projects in this Silver Membership class will build your confidence and have you feeling like you have been painting for years.

Do I need any fancy equipment?

No! There are many alternatives to most art materials, e.g. a white ceramic plate works well as an artist’s palette; and, a bench with a pile of books to rest your canvas against makes a good easel.

What if I have never used zoom?

No worries. You will have access to training videos and my guidance to make you feel comfortable and confident accessing and using your classroom features.

Do I need to dress up?

No need to dress up! Do the class in your pajamas if you like!

Silver Membership

Embrace your inner Artsy One with Alyson May

AU$57 per month

Classes are recorded so you never miss out

Be guided through specific tasks and activities with visual aids


Enjoy life flexibility with day or evening sessions to choose from each week


 Q&A sessions each month to get real feedback on your art

Free access to learning materials which will intrigue and entice

Access to our private Artsy One Family community

So go on…take the ‘not-so-scary’ step.

Now is the time for you to embrace your inner Artsy One, jump on the easel wagon of creation and strap in for the fun.

Join the Silver Membership program that gets you motivated and gives you results.

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